Opening the net:

This is ____ and my name is ____ and I will be your

Net Control Station for this session of the Enterprise

Amateur Radio Society Net

The primary purpose of this net is to promote

comradery in amateur radio, provide emergency

communications and training, and share

information about local and state events.

This is a DIRECTED net that meets every Monday

evening 1900 local time. You do not have to be a

member of EARS to check in and all licensed

operators are welcome to participate.

For further information about EARS, please go to

our website at WWW.EARSWEB.NET

When checking into this net, please give your call

sign slowly and phonetically, your name and

location and if you have traffic or not.

Once a list is complete, I will go to the top of the list,

and you will called to give comments if you wish.

At this time, are there any:

Closing the net:

This has been the Enterprise Amateur Radio Society

net. Thank you for your participation. I will now be

closing the net and returning the repeater to normal

amateur radio operations.