Welcome to the Enterprise Amateur Radio Society Website

Located all over Enterprise and surrounding areas, members meet to further Amateur Radio in Coffee, and Dale County.


If you are interested in your score being associated with WD4ROJ EARS combining scores is as easy as writing 'WD4ROJ EARS' in your comments block when you submit your log.

Some information on what the club does for the surrounding area:

  • We prepare for emergency support of Coffee County (For instance tornado's and hurricanes.)
  • We support community events that might need communication between locations. (Like Wounded Warrior Bike Ride.)
  • By providing routine testing to become an Amateur Operator.
  • Our group is working on a syllabus, and providing assistance, for new operators who need more support for setting up and understanding how to operate their stations.
  • EARS meets every year to participate in the Field day event
  • The club also maintains a 2 Meter and a 440 repeater that facilitate communication in the local area between portable and mobile devices.
  • * 147.240 + and 443.250 + open repeaters. feel free to use these when you like.

    Special thanks to W4QJL Travis, KF4BHP Aaron, and N4RYC, for their work and financial support in standing up the 440 machine.

We are meeting the third Thursday of the month at 1900 hours (7 PM)

Well I thought we would be meeting in Daleville, however, I have been notified I was exposed to a person who was confirmed to have the virus. I will not be able to be in public until I have been cleared to. Maybe next time I'll be able to do this. We will again have the meeting on the .240 machine, so please join us on the air.

Sale items from Todd's estate will be being offerd now on E-Bay. When I get some time to post them, I will also link to the items up for bid at this site.

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