More on the EOC Project

 Enterprise Amateur Radio Society

        I contacted Mr. Brown at the EOC and he is agreeable with the 19th of August to meet for the set up of the station. I am excited the club is back in the view of Coffee County as an asset.

  • We will be there early to avoid the heat.
  • The antenna will be put on the roof as first priority.
  • The station will be set up while the roof party works.
  • We will decide on the separate teams when we get there.
  • I will need two people with the roof team and one person to assist on the ground.
  • Any others will be asked to set up the station inside.
  • I plan on bringing iced water bottles.
I will bring my folding ladder for the rooftop, and we may be able to get another from Ed KI4YTV as he offered his to get up on the roof.

I will borrow a hard hat for the ground worker.

Indicated helpers that are on the list so far:
Kelly KD4WVO
Richard KQ4BII
Bill N4WDE
Tommy KQ4AVW

If you are on the list above and did not want to be - please let me know.

If you want to be there and help please email me and let me know, I'll add your name.
There was a lot of folks talking and I may have missed or misunderstood intentions.

We will finalize our schedule on the 17th's meeting.

Thank you all for the help,